1. Pre-sales / Sales / After sales

Before the sales campaign our staff provides - through up-to-date media - informing and promoting the showroom brands among active customers and potential ones. Once closed the sales period , our back office takes care of the after sales in synergy with the companies, by sending order confirmations and overseeing shipments and delivery matter.

2. Distribution

Our showroom works mainly with agency agreement but with some of our brands we work as distributors, by purchasing a certain quantity of items and managing the selling independently.

3. Press day

Thanks to our contacts in public relations and journalism environment, we occasionally organize press days in accordance with the companies producing one or more of our selling brands. This kind of event is an important opportunity to promote our established brands and raise awareness of our emerging ones at an audience of insiders, and certainly a good way to promote their selling.

4. Special rental

Our showroom is endowed with great spaces, that on special occasions we rent to external companies which need to present their products, or expose them for short periods.