1. Brand scouting

Our team has gathered over time both experts and "brand setter" which operate in direct synergy such as to allow the identification of potentially interesting brands.

2. Start-up & commercial development

We give support to launch and commercial development of the brand, helping to define strategic plans for entering new markets.

3. Brand positioning in the national / international market

Analyzing the new brand we study its possible positioning on potential markets, nationally and internationally. Some guidelines are identified, in order to define the medium-term plan.

4. Fashion collection editing

Our track record enables us to offer customers the ability to select, within the proposed collection, some items or garments that will identify the brand over time and which can differentiate itself from its competitors.

5. Special projects

Our structure has consolidated its ability to offer "taylor made" services . By this we mean the capability of a specialized support in conception, planning and implementation of specific projects indicated by our customers.

6. Finance consultancy for buisiness plans

This activity it is based on supporting in finding on the market the necessary money to put into practice the project that has been defined together with the customer. The knowledge of the specific business structure allows us to present the project to potential investors and lenders, whether institutional or private club deals.